Sunday, December 3, 2006

Mr. Rawazakki - Time Traveller Cyrillus in Alice Springs

Hi Mr. Rawazakki,

I'm now travelling in the neighbourhood of Alice Springs . Yesterday I have made a excursion - like you've asked - to Ayers Rock and I've walked around the rock. It was an impressive experience. You can tell your friends that the original name of Ayers Rock is Uluru (that's the way how the aboriginals call it). Sleeping outside was also an experience to remember. It can get very cold in the middle of Australia so you can be glad that you slept in your mansion. This morning I went to a crocodile farm - a place where they breed crocodiles. I took a picture when they were feeding the crocodiles. You can tell that these pre-historical animals are huge and very dangerous. In the next days I will be travelling to the south and pay a visit to Adelaide and then travel the great ocean road.

If you have special requests, please inform me.

Your Time Traveller Cyrillus

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